What is Blockchain?

Unlike a centralized database, where a single owner manages all of the data from a central source, blockchain distributes every transaction to hundreds of members. The participating members dedicate computer servers to receive, record and synchronize every record into a block for a small fee. Each block contains an unalterable hashtag that connects to the previous block, thus the name Blockchain. The blockchain works on consensus and agreement that each record has not been altered. If even a single character in a record is altered, the entire block becomes invalid breaking the chain.
Through this method of distributed database, consensus, cryptography and hashtags, the blockchain creates unparalleled transparency, immutability, security, and processing speed at a much lower cost than centralized databases, thus opening up possibilities for use in financial transactions, proof of property ownership, title, and even for voting.

How Does Rewardzzz Utilize Blockchain?

Rewardzzz is the first universal rewards program utilizing the disruptive technology of blockchain as our company’s foundation, as we believe that there is no substitution for transparency and security. Using blockchain, Rewardzzz eliminates much of the overhead expenses associated with administrative costs, such as servers, hardware, and maintenance fees as used in traditional centralized databases.

What Types of Businesses Are Supported by Rewardzzz?

Rewardzzz is conducting business with a wide variety of merchants including: restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hair salons, spas, fitness centers and other main street retailers.

Can I Convert Points to Cash?

Rewardzzz points are given out for promotion and loyalty discounts and are not convertible into cash.

How Do the Points Work?

Rewardzzz™ designed the App for convenience and ease. When you visit a Rewardzzz merchant, use a registered credit card for purchases. Points are immediately issued to your wallet through blockchain. Generally, no password entering or in-app confirmation is needed.
Redeem points for a purchase before you receive your bill or charge. You can do this by selecting a coupon on your app from the merchant. Through the blockchain, the coupon information is passed on to the merchant’s POS and the discount will be already deducted when you receive your bill. No interaction with the waiter, bartender or the cashier is needed.

How Do I Sign Up?

Download the app from Google Play or App Store. To create an account, sign up using Facebook or use your email and a password.  Once your account is set up, simply enter the credentials of the credit/debit card(s) you wish to link to your Rewardzzz account. Now, you are ready to earn and redeem points at any Rewardzzz Select Merchants. It’s that easy.

Can I Associate Multiple Cards With My Account?

Yes! You can link as many cards as you want to an account!

How Do I Earn Points?

Upon making a purchase with any of your cards, Rewardzzz will automatically send the points to your Rewardzzz account. Additionally, you can also earn points by referring friends with your referral link. On the profile page in the app, simply tap the button labelled “Refer A Friend” and you will be prompted to message or email your referral code to your friend. Both you and the friend will receive Rewardzzz points.

How Do I Spend Points?

Before you make a purchase at a Rewardzzz Select Merchant, open the Rewardzzz app, select the Merchant where you would like to spend your points. Simply, tap the coupon with the number of points you would like to use. When you swipe your card at the merchant, the dollar value of the points you redeem will automatically be subtracted from your bill.

Do Points Expire?

No, points never expire. Once points are added into the ecosystem, they are permanently stored in your account until you choose to redeem them.

Do Points Cover Tax and Gratuities?

No, Points cover the price of the merchandise or service purchased, exclusive of sales tax and gratuities.

Can Rewardzzz Stack With Other Loyalty Programs?

Yes! Rewardzzz does not impact any other credit/debit card loyalty programs. You will earn from both.

Are There Any Fees?

No! It costs absolutely nothing to earn and spend points through Rewardzzz.

How Does Rewardzzz Help me?

Rewardzzz is a universal rewards program that eliminates the hassle of multiple loyalty programs. Through our ecosystem, Rewardzzz consolidates all your points to earn and redeem points at any Rewardzzz Select Merchant. You will never have to worry about misplacing punch cards, forgotten program passwords, or unused points ever again.