How to become a Rewardzzz Merchant

Check Your Eligibility

Fill out the Rewardzzz Select Merchant Application
Provide the POS System you currently use
Rewardzzz is designed for convenience and ease of use through seamless integration between Merchant and User.
No need to train staff and no manual tasks required.
We have integrated with many of the POS Systems used by Restaurants, Retail Services and E-Commerce. We will be adding new POS Systems regularly.

Rewardzzz Merchant Portal

Enables you to:
Keep track of the Points you Issued and Redeemed
Have Flexibility to Customize Promotions
Review your monthly Settlement Statements
Transfer your Accounting Liability to Rewardzzz

Low Cost and No Risk

Low transaction fees on Points Issued and Redeemed
Receive the Full Value of any Points you Redeem
No monthly Minimums or Setup Charges
No monthly Subscription fees

Get Setup

We do All the Setup. Our Rewardzzz Technician will Integrate the Rewardzzz App with your POS within an hour.
The Technician will provide you Access to your Personalized Web Portal and answer all your questions.
On January 1, 2019, All private companies are subject to the new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS-15)
The new accounting requirements for loyalty programs is expected to result in additional complexities and disclosure requirements.
Merchants will need to account for points issued and redeemed under these programs as separate performance obligations.
For the Merchant, this may involve developing new valuation models such as redemption curves, breakage estimates, and the value of the loyalty reward to enable its management to comply with the new revenue standards.
The new accounting requirement will make it more difficult for small to midsize retailers to offer loyalty programs due to the additional administrative and accounting costs.
Through the monthly reconciliation  process, Rewardzzz solves the IFRS-15 problem for our merchants.
Merchants will be able to transfer the administrative and liability costs to comply to these new rules through Rewardzzz.